Manage your finances


Monitor your expenses and your revenues!

It enables the users to record and retrieve relevant economic data as well as to visualize financial results achieved or expected. Along with monitoring, a simple but adequately informative model is employed to allow for the improvement of the financial efficiency of a respective business.


Manage your production

Wherever! Whenever!

It aims at providing a) the best possible technical support for the activities and, b) the means to facilitate the quality and identity certification of products, according to internationally acceptable certification schemes. This entails i) on site consultation by experts, ii) decision support for consultants through “smart-agriculture” digital tools, iii) ensuring the proper steps towards successful product certification and traceability and iv) sustainability evaluation by proper criteria.


Manage your inventory

Adding and removing stock is now easier than ever!

It systemizes all processes involved in warehouse management, mainly recording of inputs – outputs, barcoding of stocks and following all transactions.