AgrOrbit is a modern platform whereby professionals and amateurs engaged in the primary sector of economy, are able to successfully employ digital technology in their various operations.
Through AgrOrbit, members are assisted to enhance their ability to develop their business in a productive yet and easy way, thus creating the proper conditions to grow individually and entrepreneurially.
With the use of mobile phones, tablets or computers the members have the opportunity to monitor and acquire the full picture of their business in real time.



Focusing on innovative solutions for the farmers, we aim at rendering them more active in the way they envision the future of their enterprise and, simultaneously, at creating power relationships within the primary sector globally.



People involved in the primary sector are using AgrOrbit to strengthen their skills and business initiatives

AgrOrbit is an ecosystem that addresses individual farmers, livestock farmers, fish farmers, beekeepers, or groups of them, cooperatives, and agribusiness companies to operate more efficiently to produce the best possible result.



The platform’s innovative processes are designed to be fully relevant to the day-to-day practices of its members in their business.

Together, we evolve the primary sector and create a new era